Mudruckers Waterproof Boots
Mudruckers Waterproof Boots
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Ranch work including sheep and cattle make total messes of our boots.  Get waterproof, mudproof, and yuckproof Mudruckers boots and never track that mess into your house again.  These waterproof boots are great for all of your mucking around.  Whether cleaning stalls, or playing in the mud or snow with your dog, to even trialing him in foul weather, your feet will stay nice and dry.  

Made of a stretch neoprene, and waterproof, your feet will remain dry and comfortable in any weather.  This fabric is lightweight, flexible and stain resistant and comes with a removable EVA liner made of innovative Comfort-Flo material which is 100% breathable and helps eliminate sweat and excess heat, unlike other waterproof boots.  Features a slip on design.  
Height: 15"
Ladies sizes:  6-11  
Men's sizes:  5-10


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Full Boot:  Navy-  M7/L8, M9/L10, M12

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