Fashion Beaded Lanyards
Fashion Beaded Lanyards
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Quality fashion beaded lanyards made with high quality components. They will make that shepherds whistle look great at an economical price. These beaded lanyards are a one of a kind design and hand crafted in the USA. Made with 49 strand nylon coated stainless steel wire for a secure beaded lanyard. The whistle or ID badge is attached with a jump ring so if it should happen to get caught on something, the jump ring will give, leaving the handcrafted beaded lanyard intact. These whistle lanyards are made with glass or ceramic beads, and base metal beads or sterling silver over copper bead accents, throughout. For shepherds, nurses, teachers, security, or where ever lanyards are needed, these beaded lanyards will be a prized possession.  Very strong AND lightweight.  For work or play...

Please note:  The African Free Trade Beaded lanyards are all individuals.  The focal point bead is hand-made in Africa with each one a little different.  If you see one that you like, we will do our best to match it as close as possible to the picture.

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Reclaimed noted on some lanyards indicates that they have been fashioned from vintage jewelry.
Concho lanyards have been designed with Chicago screws allowing for the bottom lanyard portion to be removable, thus allowing to be worn as a necklace also.
Offering low shipping - just $6.50 for one to two lanyards or whistles, $9.00 for any combination of three to four lanyards or whistles.

Made in USA       Turtle and Shell Lanyard

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