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I have been a fan of Corian whistles for many years.  New on the market, similar but different, is the Avonite whistle.  I  love them too.  Corian comes in opaque colours, while Avonite brings a sheer look, liked stained glass, to the product.  The transparency allows for new trending, which is always fun and the sound is clear and crisp, with lots of range for tone and pitch.  Stephanie Summers kindly put one in the raffle at the Sonoma Trials.  I won it and I am crazy about it.
Amanda Milliken

Herding Dog Whistle

You will find the sheepdog whistles that you are looking for at great prices. Please browse through our shepherds whistles and review the product descriptions, images, and ordering information.

As you browse our herding dog whistle items, please keep in mind that each of our sheepdog whistles comes with a satisfaction guarantee. We want to make sure you receive only great quality shepherds whistles and are satisfied with your order. Please be sure to contact us if you don't find what you're looking for or if you’d like us to make a suggestion on items for you.

You can be confident as you shop with us. We work with reliable suppliers who understand our dedication to customer service and excellence in the herding dog whistle that you purchase. We know that if you find what you are looking for that you’ll most likely shop with us again.  Remember that these sheepdog whistles are hand-made in the United States, by a local sheepdog handler and trialer.  These shepherds whistles are made out of Corian, a solid surface material, and come in beautiful colors.  Make sure that you dog knows exactly which direction you want your dog to take, by using these Corian sheepdog whistles; they make incredible clear,crisp and loud sounds.

We appreciate your business and hope that you’ll make us your online sheepdog whistles store.
I purchased my first corian whistle recently and can't believe what a difference it made in my whistling. Metal wouldn't work for me so I had used plastic for years. The corian whistle is clearer, crisper and easier for me to blow than the plastic. It has helped my confidence knowing that a better sound is reaching my dogs and they are responding better as a result. I could not be without one now. Thank you for a great product.
Rene LaBree
Corian Sheepdog Whistle
I received the corian whistle in the mail on Saturday—I love it! It’s beautiful (necklace-worthy), easy to whistle, and has a very melodic sound. It may be a permanent fixture around my neck… --Leslie

Avonite Shepherds WhistlesAvonite Shepherds WhistlesThese Avonite sheepdog whistles make extremely loud and crisp tones.  
Corian Sheepdog WhistlesCorian Sheepdog WhistlesThese Corian sheepdog whistles are very well-made and highly prized.   A Corian shepherds whistle is almost like jewelry.
One of a kind Corian Sheepdog WhistlesOne of a kind Corian Sheepdog WhistlesThese Corian sheepdog whistles are very well-made and highly prized.   A Corian shepherds whistle is almost like jewelry.
Plastic Sheepdog WhistlesPlastic Sheepdog Whistles
A beginners whistle for the shepherd. This is a low cost sheepdog whistle that lets the beginner learn to whistle before he moves on to a more expensive and higher quality whistle.
Sheepdog Whistle PouchSheepdog Whistle Pouch

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