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Avonite Sheepdog Whistles
Brand New on the Market!

These whistles are made out of a fantastic and exciting brand-new material never made into whistles before; with both the material and the carving completely done in the USA.  If you like Corian material for a sheepdog whistle, then this Avonite solid surface material, which is slightly different, you will love.  This material allows for intensely loud and very crisp sounds.  There is a wide variety of pitches possible with this material too. These surely are not your ordinary shepherds whistles, but  they are the Mercedes Benz of sheepdog whistles, made from a new whistle material. These whistles are very well-made and do not have a squared-off mouth piece that many dog whistles have, but are nicely rounded for perfect whistles sounds with a nice feel in your mouth!  They are not bite proof!

Crafted out of American-made solid surface material and 100% completely made in the USA. They can be chipped if dropped on a hard surface or sat on, but otherwise they are strong.  Made by Onchu McClintock.

Imagine, never again, not being able to be heard by your dog with these incredibly piercing whistles.  With shepherds whistles being one of the most important tools of sheepdog herding, why not have the very best in sound and looks too?

These shepherds whistles make excellent sounds, and you will become an expert soon with this wonderful Avonite Sheepdog Whistle. Easy to use compared to other whistles and hand carved in the USA.  Why not get that emotion out of your commands, a whistle will help greatly!

Comes in a nice range of beautiful colors for the most finicky of herders, most have a transluent effect due to polyester in the material, and all are easy to clean. These whistles go nicely with our hand-crafted beaded lanyards, hand-braided kangaroo leather lanyards, or even those very special sterling silver chain with crystal lanyards too.

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Need help learning to use whistles?, see Whistle Instructions

Price:NEW Crushed Garnet
Due to health concerns,  whistles are not returnable unless there is a defect
Made in USA

Features Benefits
Solid Surface Avonite for crisp, clear sounds Never Again be caught in a sheepdog trial, without being able to tell your dog exactly which command you need him to take.

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 4.0
Avonite WhistleGotta have another - I love the one you sent Written by Bruce from Oregon on Tue 24 Jan 2017 7:02:05 PM GMT
avonite whistleI love the sound this whistle produces, but the size and shape leaves something to be desired. I much prefer the old standard shape, and although I can get used to this A shape I find it too small. I would buy at least two more if they were either a bit larger, or in the original shape half moon with the flanges on the sides. Thanks Written by Nancy Nunn on Mon 19 Oct 2015 3:43:08 PM GMT
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