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Seasonals Dog DiapersSeasonals Dog DiapersSeasonals® stay on, wear comfortably and are a good value, washing after washing;they seem to last forever.

Dog diapers sometimes make living with a dog much nicer for the owner.  When problems arise, quality made female dog diapers or male dog diapers just might be what the doctor ordered.  Protect your floors and furniture from potential problems from aging dogs, dogs in heat, submissive dog leaking or paralysis.  Our dog diapers are made in the USA, with quality all cotton fleece, with fleece lining.  

The female dog diaper is made to fit every breed of dog and has elastic in the legs and velcro closures.  Female dog diapers will let you control bleeding and in some cases breeding.  A simple sanitary napkin or pantie liner is all that is needed for a liner, or no liner at all.

The male wraps are made to fit every breed of dog and has elastic around the waist and with velcro closures.  Male dog diapers help with marking behavior, protecting furniture and walls.  The male dog diaper will allow you to relax with your dog knowing that everything is under control.  The male wrap is only for the front part of the dog, if the back part needs protecting, then the regular female diaper would be used.  Just order a "boy" color!

This is the only dog diaper that we know a dog will leave on.  They are so comfortable, that usually a dog won't bother with trying to take them off.  If they try, all that is usually needed is a "leave it" in a low stern voice.

All of the dog diapers and male dog wraps are machine washable, line dry.

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