Handmade Silver Lanyards
Handmade Silver Lanyards
Silver Swirls and Bronze Crystals Lanyard (2)Celtic Swirls  and Bronze Crystals Lanyard (2)Silver and Copper with Crystal Heart Lanyard (3)Crystal heart with Silver and Copper Links Lanyard (3)Copper, Silver and Crystal with Celtic Beads Lanyard (3)Open Spiral Lanyard With Black Crystals Throughout (4)Black Crystals adorn this Spiral Link Lanyard (4)36" Full Length Lanyard (4)Pink Crystal and Sterling Lanyard (5)
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These lanyards are true beauties to see.  Made from silver nickel wire, completely hand formed into links and hammered flat for added strength, with genuine Swarovski crystals throughout, which adorn and compliment the silver in the links.  Since these lanyards are not massed produced, and are hand made, each one is an individual with no two identical.  

For those who want a high end, silver chain-type lanyard made with real Swarovski crystals, then these might be for you.  They are 36 inches in length and made to slip over the head.  A delight to see in person, and a fantastic addition to wear for that very important trial.

Lanyard 2:  Hand made from nickle silver wire, this lanyard features a focal bead made from buffalo horn.  Every link has been hand forged into links featuring genuine Swarovski crystals throughout the entire lanyard.  Fashioned in the Celtic open spiral design.  This is a one of a kind.

Lanyard 3:  Hand made links of nickle silver and copper wire, this lanyard boasts the contrast of the two different wires joined beautifully together.  The focal bead is a large heart shape copper colored genuine Swarovski Crystal, and has copper Celtic beads scattered throughout.

Lanyard 4:  Hand formed and hammered links from nickle silver wire.  This lanyard features ample black Swarovski crystals throughout.  The open sprial links are inspired from acient Celtic forms.

Lanyard 6:  Hand made lanyard fashioned from sterling silver chain and antique pink Swarovski Crystals throughout.  This very exquisite lanyard only looks delicate, but being made of chain, it is quite durable.  This pink lanyard features a Celtic bead as it's focal bead.

Lanyard 7:  Hand crafted lanyard made out of sterling silver chain and black Swarovski Crystals throughout.  Beautiful as well as strong.  Adorned with center Celtic bead.  A beautiful lanyard for trialing or an important job.
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