Two Whistle Braided Leather Lanyards
Two Whistle Braided Leather Lanyards
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What a great way to keep your spare whistle and not have all of that bulk of several lanyards around your neck and getting all tied up.  This beautiful double-whistle braided lanyard is sturdy and carefully hand-handcrafted of kangaroo leather. You can even have two colors braided together for only $20 extra!  Also, these can be set so the whistles are offset from each other.  Made from 4 or 8 strand braid.

Please note, whichever color is noted first, that color will be the predominate color of the lanyard, collar, or leash.  The second color mentioned, will be an accent color for the item.  Also, they are easily slipped offset so the whistles will not hit each other.

Deluxe (adjustable) 8 strand lanyard thickness:  Upper part-1/2-3/8" thick, lower part-3/8-1/4" thick.
8-strand feels like rope because how the laces lay when braided.  4-strand is boot lace thickness.  Both get buttery-soft and stay pliable, yet very strong.

((To view colors:  Click on a color in the drop down menu.  Then scroll up a bit and take a look at the largest picture.  The color shown is the color associated with that name.  Click to enlarge the picture.))

Made in USA

We are offering low shipping - just $6.50 for one to two lanyards or whistles, $9.00 for any combination of three to four lanyards or whistles.
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