Wholesome Hide™ Retriever Roll Dog Chews
Wholesome Hide™ Retriever Roll Dog Chews
Inside Out Rawhide Dog Treats
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HEY!!!  THEY ARE BACK!!!  We missed them but these American dog chews are back for our dogs to chew their heart out!

Rawhide Dog Treats Made from USA Only Beef

These rawhide dog chews are always made from USA only, fresh and thick beef hide. Unlike most other dog rawhide, these special USA ONLY rawhide dog bones contain the "Collagen Flavor Layer" that is missing from other dog rawhide. These healthy rawhide dog chews have been naturally processed, which means there is no potentially harmful chemical residue for your dog to injest. These chews are hand tied and are 100% natural.   Helps relieve bordom and keep those pearlys white.  Because the rawhide is not bleached, its natural flavor and ezymes are still there for the added benefit of essential micro nutrients.  

Made in USA   Made in USA Seal


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