Leptospirosis Outbreak
This is an FYI for all dog people.
I have just been notified that there is an outbreak of Leptospirosis in dogs from the Sacramento CA area and I heard about maybe one in the So Cal area also.
Many of our dogs are NOT vaccinated for Leptospirosis as the manufacturers years ago dropped the L in the DHLPP shots.
This was due to many dogs having side affects from the Leptospirosis in the shot.  Additionally, Leptospirosis was no longer prevalent in canine populations.
Friends of friends, have had their dogs recently die from this disease.  They were not able to catch it in time.
I am not one for vaccinating my dogs every year, as I don't think they need the excess stuff in their systems, but, I have just purchased three shots from my local feed store, to administer today.  Another friend has also told me that it takes 10-14 days to fully protect them.
This spirochete's means of transmission is from urine to water.  With that knowledge, I am bringing my own water for the dogs to drink while away.  I will also be watching out for dogs sniffing urinated areas.  This will help ensure that they are protected during the time it takes the medicine to assimilate and work in the body.
Dogs at risk include hunting dogs, dogs that have access to marshes or ponds, pools in a stream where water can stand.  Other possible at risk dogs would be ones that intermingle with rodents, or if rodents are prevalent in the dog's habitat.
Tomorrow we are leaving to a trial and we are going to the Sacramento area, the hotspot!
I encourage everyone to rethink about the possibility of getting a booster, or a first time shot for their dogs to prevent this hard to cure disease.  Or at least go over your dog's vaccination records and see if they have had any shots to fight Leptospirosis.

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