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Dog Travel Aids

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"Twistep® spares your dog's joints and saves your own back. Until I got a Twistep® I was lifting an 80 lb. 13 year old Weimeraner in and out of my Ford Explorer - he has a deformed front foot and knee surgery in the back leg, too. He is a typical neurotic Weim who would never use a ramp before and even has trouble with staircases - yet he popped right in and out with Twistep®. My 3 year old 70 lb. Collie mix is super athletic but has already had 2 cruciate ligament knee surgeries so the Twistep® protects her joints. I tell everyone who has a large, healthy dog to teach her to use the Twistep® as insurance for her back and" – Tracie Hotchner, author of "The Dog Bible"

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Crate FansCrate Fans
InstaclothInstaclothInsta Cloth compressed towls, converts to a towel with a little water.
Kennel or Crate Shade CanopyKennel or Crate Shade CanopyHelp prevent heat stress while at trials or shows, or where ever heat might be a problem for your dog. Kennel or Crate Shade Canopys help shade pets protecting them from the harmful effects of excessive heat from the sun.
Twistep Steps for DogsTwistep Steps for Dogs

Car Steps for Dogs

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