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Dog Travel Aids

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"Twistep® spares your dog's joints and saves your own back. Until I got a Twistep® I was lifting an 80 lb. 13 year old Weimeraner in and out of my Ford Explorer - he has a deformed front foot and knee surgery in the back leg, too. He is a typical neurotic Weim who would never use a ramp before and even has trouble with staircases - yet he popped right in and out with Twistep®. My 3 year old 70 lb. Collie mix is super athletic but has already had 2 cruciate ligament knee surgeries so the Twistep® protects her joints. I tell everyone who has a large, healthy dog to teach her to use the Twistep® as insurance for her back and" – Tracie Hotchner, author of "The Dog Bible"

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InstaclothInstaclothInsta Cloth compressed towels, converts to a towel with just a little water.
Twistep Steps for DogsTwistep Steps for Dogs
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