Safestix Retrieving Dog Toy
Safestix Retrieving Dog Toy
Ridgeback with Safestix
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This product is available again.  Kong has partnered with the makers of Safestix.  And it is available for purchase now!

Just Say NO to regular wooden sticks and YES to Safestix for your dogs! This stick is bendy and twisty, and real fun to throw.  This stick will not hurt your dog like sharp, splintery wood sticks can and no splinters stuck in teeth.

The dog people who make Safestix really love dogs. One of their Jack Russell Terriers inspired this creation, when he ended up injured and at the vets after playing with wooden sticks. Razzel and his owner really enjoy playing fetch, until a wooden stick punctured his mouth. And after that puncture, they made it their mission to create a safe alternative for dogs who play with wooden sticks.

UPDATE:  These are not UV stabilized. Do not leave out in the sun all of the time, okay for short term, as it will take about a year to break down by the sun.  Good for recycling, but harder on the budget.

Working with leading vets, who have seen many similar injuries from sticks in their practices, have helped lead the desingers to create Safestix. You can throw them further than regular sticks, they float in water and they're nice and soft on dogs' mouths. So the next time you go to the park, don't grab a dirty, splintery, sharp old stick -- grab the safe alternative to those, and choose- Safestix instead.

The SafeStix are a totally unique type of dog toy, and there’s nothing like them anywhere. A large amount of time and research went into getting the stix 'just right', that’s why they are now becoming so popular with dog owners everywhere.

Safestix Dog Toy Measures 19" long!

SafeStix are:

  • textured for a good mouth and hand gripping
  • rounded at the ends to prevent lodging in dog's gums
  • great for energetic throwing and fetching games with your favorite dog
  • bright colors for added visibility
  • made from tough, non-toxic safe rubber type material
  • they float! so they are as fun in the water as on dry land!
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