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Dear Stephanie: I just had to write to let you know how amazing the Huck ball I got from your site is. Frankly, over the last several years I have spent an absolute fortune purchasing indestructible dog toys, all of which were easily and quickly destroyed by one or all of my pooches. It didn't seem to matter if they were made of fireman's hoses, plastic, rubber or anything...they didn't last. When you suggested the West Paws’ Huck ball I was more than a bit skeptical, but you said you would take it back if it didn't work out. All five of my dogs have taken a stab at being the conquerer of the ball. I am ecstatic! Please send me the "chuck" size, now that I know it will last. Thanks,
Babs Mondschein
Huck Ball

We now have indestructible dog toys, tough dog toys, and durable dog toys for that tough guy or gal.

This group of toys known as Extreme Dog Toys, are for those tough dogs that are too tough for their own good.  These dogs are so tough, that they wear-out normal durable dog toys in a flash!  Extreme dog toys are from such companies as West Paw Designs, Tuffies Toys, and Canine Hardware. 

West Paws Designs, are noted for giving a replacement durable dog toy if your dog destroys it!  Now that is service!  West Paw Designs also make all of their toys from 100% recycled materials, and that is encouraging.  Additionally, they use post-consumer recycled materials in their products and all of their products are recyclable too. To top all of that off, all of these toys are made in the USA!  Good all the way around!  These indestructible dog toys have been product tested by Operation Sheepdog Herding and found to be super tough dog toys.  Our product testers can't even put a dent in a Bumi (literally).  These are durable dog toys for your tough dog.

Tuffies dog toys are also featured in this section because that make extremely durable dog toys.  Some of their toys are so strong, that a squeaker will not work in them. Tuffies Dog Toys are super unique dog toys with great unusual designs.  Indestructible dog toys with unique shapes.  Try a tuffie toy for durable dog toys.

Browse this section of indestructible dog toys and find the right tough dog toys for your tough dog!

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Jive Durable Dog ToysJive Durable Dog ToysJive Durable Dog Toys bounce, float, and is even guaranteed against Dog Damage!
Tuffy's Ultimate Rumble Ring Dog ToyTuffy's Ultimate Rumble Ring Dog ToyMega fun for dogs who like to play fetch! Super durable dog toys are a perfect way to play with your dog. Great dog toys for interactive play with one or multiple dogs.
Tuffy's Ultimate Odd Ball Dog ToyTuffy's Ultimate Odd Ball Dog ToyMega fun for dogs who like to play fetch! Super durable dog toys. Great for interactive play with one or multiple dogs.
Tuffy's Mega Ring Dog ToyTuffy's Mega Ring Dog ToyMega fun for dogs who like to play fetch! Super durable dog toys with a tuff rating of 10.
Tuffy's Admiral OFuryTuffy's Admiral OFuryAdmiral Ofury - Take your pup to the limits of outer space with Admiral Ofury - this fiery alien belongs to one of the outer galaxies!
Tuffys Sherman Sheep Dog ToyTuffys Sherman Sheep Dog ToySherman the Sheep will last and last and is really tough!
Firehose Flying DiskFirehose Flying DiskSuper-Duty Flying Disk made from real firehose.
Planet Dog Orbee-Tough BonePlanet Dog Orbee-Tough BoneStay cool year 'round with the world's first doggie-durable, buoyant, bouncy, minty and NON-MELTING snowball.
Hol-ee Mol-ee Extreme Dog ToysHol-ee Mol-ee Extreme Dog ToysA unique thick 100% natural rubber ball for dogs.
Megalast BallMegalast BallMegalast Megaball is incredibly strong! Floats! 100% Recyclable.
Chuck-it Ultra BallsChuck-it Ultra BallsChuck-it Ultra Balls are a tough ball designed for hard use with the Chuck-it ball launcher.
Chuckit Original Tennis Ball LauncherChuckit Original Tennis Ball LauncherGreat exercise for the driven dog. Can encourage obedience, focus and provide exercise all at the same time.
Virtually Indestructible Best Ball -Large SizeVirtually Indestructible Best Ball -Large SizeThe Virtually Indestructible Best Ball which no dog can destroy.
Kong Classic Chew Dog ToysKong Classic Chew Dog ToysKong Classic Chew Toys are natural rubber bouncy toys which are great for stuffing with treats or fetch games.
Kong Extreme Chew ToysKong Extreme Chew ToysKong Extreme Chew Toys Designed for power chewers. This is the most extreme Kong made. Ultra-strong black rubber compound.



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