Cable Dog Tie
Cable Dog Tie
Great for puppy trainingCable Dog TieStop Lead ChewingA Secure Tree TieEasy on the TreeNeat and TidyLooks GoodCable Leash/TieA leash that ties securely to a treeCable Leash/Tie with soft handleTie Cable Leash securely to truckTies most anywhere
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A dog tie for many uses.  This tie is made with heavy duty cable and brass snaps.  Perfect for tying to trees, fences, posts, or anywhere secure dog restraint is needed.  Deters lead chewing, and break-away.  Dont ruin your other dog's livestock training with a loose dog, secure him well with a cable dog tie.
Comes in 4 foot, 3 foot or 2 foot sizes.  Other custom sizes available upon request.
Never leave home without one.

NEW!  Cable leash/Tie  A three foot lead with snaps at both ends.  Made with the same strength of cable that our dog ties are made of.  A two in one tool.  Comes with a soft touch handle and a snap that will not interfere with leash handle.  Grab and go!  
Please see additional pictures.  $25.00

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