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Franks Universal Slicker Dog BrushFranks Universal Slicker Dog BrushThese brushes for dogs are the best dog brush on the market.
Furminator RakeFurminator Rake
Undercoat RakeUndercoat RakeLong or short toothed, undercoat rake are perfect for double coated breeds.

Dog Grooming Supply

Dog Grooming Supplies

Be sure to order your dog bathtub for the ultimate in dog bathing supplies. Have your very own dog grooming tub in which your dog will love to have their bath! No more sore backs. No more clogging hair in your personal tub. No more slipping around and a potential of you or yours getting hurt. A dog bath tub will have you giving your dogs baths more often, while leaving you and your house cleaner! 

Operation Sheepdog Herding also offers the best dog brush on the market, Franks Universal Slicker. It's the perfect general bristle brush for easy grooming and getting out all of that loose unwanted hair.  Franks Universal Slicker is a quality German design that allows for easier brushing of your dog.  Gentle on skin, metal bristles are good for removing unwanted hair and burs. This dog brush has a sturdy plastic handle surrounded by metal bristles.  Your new Universal Slicker dog brush will outlast other inferior brushes.

Having you own dog bathing supplies, will give you peace of mind knowing that you can keep your cherished dog it top shape.  No more worries about muddy working conditions.  You can simply put him into the dog grooming tub and give him a quick rinse off.  Before that important trial, have him looking his sharpest with dog bathing supplies.  A bath in the dog grooming tub and a nice brushing with a great dog brush such as Franks Universal Slicker, will keep every member of the family happy.

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