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Omega Maintenance Salmon OilOmega Maintenance Salmon OilThis dog nutritional supplement is made from pure wild Alaskan Salmon, Nature's Best source of natural omega-3 and omega-6 Fatty Acids. As dog food supplements they aid is what commercial dog foods lack. Dog health supplements could add to a healthy skin and coat and the Salmon oil improves flavor of commercial dog food.
Rehydrate-Sports Drink for DogsRehydrate-Sports Drink for Dogs

Dog food supplements are a key to good health for your working dog. A dog health supplement can bridge the gap between commercial dog food and what dogs really need. Good health starts from within! These dog health supplements use ingredients that are nutrient rich to address the problems of marginal or empty calories and "missing" nutrients that often are characteristic of companion animal diets. These dog food supplements synergistically provide support to the digestive, nervous, and immune systems. The result is sustained energy, healthy skin and coat, exactly what we need for our working dogs!

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