Vetericyn®  HydroGel OTC Spray
Vetericyn®  HydroGel OTC Spray
Vetericyn Hydrogel 8oz pumpVetericyn Hydrogel 4oz pump
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Vetericyn®  HydroGel OTC Spray is a one-step water-based topical spray that cleans wounds, treats infections and kills bacteria all at the same time.  HydroGel even kills antibiotic-resistant MRSA. Use this product to treat all topical infections and wounds, hot spots, rain rot, outer ear infections, yeast infections and rashes. It is steroid-free, antibiotic-free, no-rinsing, and is non-toxic and speeds healing.

HydroGel is designed to slowly evaporate when applied, so there is no need to wipe away any residue from previous applications. This product is based on Microcyn technology, and as such, it kills antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria in addition to fungi, viruses and spores. This gel is an oxychlorine compound which is similar to what is produced by the animal’s own immune system, and will not harm healthy tissue. It ia pH neutral and will not sting.

If your dog has an open wound or infection, then Vetericyn should be the product you always reach for.   It is easy to apply into the affected area in order to treat infection while accelerating healing. Wounds treated with Vetericyn Hydrogel have proved a reduction in healing time by up to 60%. At the wound site, Vetericyn has been proven to significantly increases the oxygen content in 30 seconds and maintains that oxygen level for up to 36 hours. This is the reason for accelerated healing times. This product is a one-step cleanser and dressing.  It eliminates the need for multiple products and reduces the application time and requirements.


  • Hot Spots
  • Outer ear infections
  • Skin irritations and Scrapes
  • Scratches and Cuts
  • Rashes
  • Ear Infections

Comes in two handy sizes:  

16oz Spray  $50.00  with manufacturer's suggested price $55.50

8oz Pump    $40.00  with manufacturer's suggested price $46.50

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