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Vetericyn Wound and Infection Products

 Vetericyn is a completely anti-bacterial, non-toxic, anti-viral and anti-fungal that is environmentally friendly and safe as water. It will not stain clothing or furniture and will not pose any harm to the animal's body.  Vetericyn come in several forms for several different uses.  The Vetericyn VF formula is a very liquid for penetrating hair covered areas , or large areas of the animal's body.  The Vetericyn Hydrogel Formula is thicker and allows it to stick or adhear and remain on top of a wound.  Vetericyn Hot Spot Formula is used for treating acute itch and inflammation areas on a dog's skin.  Let this wonderful topical solution, Vetrericyn, be your first choice in first-aid for your dog.

Back up the Vetericyn with a Premium or Herding Dog Field First Aid Kit.  These kits have all of the necessary elements to treat tears, scrapes or torn pads of your hard working dog.

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Disposable Skin StaplerDisposable Skin StaplerAn affordable skin stapler, with performance in design.  A sterile skin stapler that comes preloaded with 35 staples.
Vetericyn Hot Spot

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