Handhills Tuff N Up Dog Pad Toughener
Handhills Tuff N Up Dog Pad Toughener
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One of the best dog pad tougheners on the market.  Artisen made in small batches and without staining dyes, this pad toughener really does the trick.  If your dog's feet need healing up fast or they need toughened up, this stuff works like a charm.  It has been used for many years by serious sheepdog trialers and field dog hunters alike.  

Handhills Tuff N Up toughens and protects your dog's feet when sheepdog trialing, or hunting on hard ground, rocks, or ice. It is the perfect dog first aid product for conditioning your dog's feet pre-season or post-season. This dog pad conditioner helps heal injured pads very fast, and also works as an antiseptic for scrapes or minor cuts. 

Ingredients:  35% Isopropyl Alcohol, compound tincture of benzoin, and Salicylic acid.  Please allow application to dry before allowing dog on bed.

At last,  a dog foot product that really works!!
4 ounce bottle

Made in USA

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Tuff N UpWe have a new product, it is called Handhills Tuff N Up. It is a pad healer that really works! It toughens and protects your dog's feet. It also helps heal injured pads. Since it has been out, we have been receiving testimonials from people that are using it. The pictures below were sent to us by Jan Mayr from Pennsylvania. Her dog Seeker, does agility and ripped his pad on rubber matting. She started using the product on day one of the injury. In only four days Seeker is back in action, and with a smile on his face! Thank you Jan for the photos and feedback. Written by Jan Mayr on Fri 5 Aug 2011 9:21:19 PM GMT
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