Kennel or Crate Shade Canopy
Kennel or Crate Shade Canopy
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Help prevent heat stress while at trials or shows, or where ever heat might be a problem for your dog. Kennel or Crate Shade Canopys help shade pets protecting them from the harmful effects of excessive heat from the sun.

These canopies are incredibly lightweight and made of a highly reflective, state-of-the-art material that reflects intense sunlight and actually makes the air under the canopy cooler than surrounding air. Special weave allows air to circulate for proper ventilation, keeping dogs cool and comfortable. Cooling effect is much greater with this reflective material than with ordinary shade cloth and will actually lower the air temperature, not seen with ordinary shade cloth.

Black nylon edging features grommets for easy attachment.  Nice to use with wire exercise pens, kennels, crates, RV canopies, trees,can be draped on a vehicle windshield and more.

Grommets are set at 11" apart, and are 3/4" in diameter, and there is a 1/2" opening inside the grommets.

Comes in four sizes and in silver color only.


6x6=$39.00        MSRP $39.99

6x12=$65.99      MSRP $69.99  
10x12=$94.99    MSRP $99.99  

12x20=$180.00  MSRP $189.99  

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