Braided Kangaroo Leather Dog Collars
Braided Kangaroo Leather Dog Collars
Adjustable Center Ring Black Braided CollarBlack and Tan Braided Choke CollarAdjustable Center Ring Collar with AccentsColor SamplesAdjustable Center Ring  in Tan with Natural & Black AccentsShow Choke CollarChoke Collar for ShowShow Choke Dog CollarBraided Show CollarRegular Slip CollarsRegular Dog Slip CollarsSlip Dog CollarsOpenable Collar-Open positionOpenable Collar-Closed positionOpenable CollarOpenable Braided Dog Collar
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These striking kangaroo leather braided dog collars are a real show piece. Extremely sturdy and carefully hand-crafted from the highest quality kangaroo leather. You and your dog will enjoy one of these hand-crafted dog collars for many years. There are four styles to choose from, and one for every need.
Have two colors braided together for only $20 extra! Heirloom quality collars, lanyards and leashes.

The Adjustable Center Ring Collar allows for growth of a young dog. One braid is braided over the other to create a telescoping effect, which allows for a tight "slip" to enlarge or make smaller. Clever design, and cost savings too.

The Slip Collar is a generous 1/4" thickness, eight strand braid. Compliment your hunting and field activities. This sturdy braided dog collar is carefully hand-crafted of the highest quality kangaroo leather. Comes with one or two brass rings.

The Show Choke Braided Dog Collar has been designed to be inconspicuous. Like at breed shows, the Show Choke should be petite and dainty. The braid is thin, but still strong. A great addition to dog show gear.

The Heavy Adjustable Open-able Collar, is a supple collar made with a nylon core. The doubled area will slide for a size adjustment of 20' to 27". This allows for a growing dog. The collar is removable at the brass ring area by sliding the side knots to release the loop. It is very easy to open and close. The doubled leather provides a comfortable collar for everyday use. This collar matches the deluxe slip leads.

Please note: whichever color is noted first, that color will be the predominate color of the lanyard, collar, or leash.  The second color mentioned, will be an accent color for the item.

Hand Crafted in Oregon!

Made in USA

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