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Hand Crafted Leather Dog Collars:  Wide Leather Dog Collars and Western Dog Collars

Studded Leather Dog Collars
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Braided Kangaroo Leather Dog CollarsBraided Kangaroo Leather Dog CollarsThese striking kangaroo leather braided dog collars are a real show piece.
Leather Center Ring Dog CollarsLeather Center Ring Dog CollarsA shepherd's favorite and a must for the working dog.
Round Leather Dog CollarsRound Leather Dog CollarsRound collars are particularly suited for dogs with long, thick coats because the round shape will aid in the prevention of tangled and matted fur around the dog's neck.
Tuff Stuff Leather Dog CollarsTuff Stuff Leather Dog Collars2" TUFF STUFF Leather dog collars are extremely rugged and feature an extended dee ring pattern for added strength.
Town Leather Dog CollarsTown Leather Dog CollarsTOWN COLLARS have been a popular selection for many years, simply a classic style!
Heirloom Star Leather CollarsHeirloom Star Leather CollarsMade of full grain bridle leather adorned with antiqued hardware.
The Pepper Leather Dog CollarThe Pepper Leather Dog CollarElegant Mesa Conchos and silver spots gives this 1” wide collar a southwestern flair.
The Sybyl Lilly Deluxe Leather Dog CollarThe Sybyl Lilly Deluxe Leather Dog CollarElegant Mesa Conchos and silver spots gives this 1” wide collar a southwestern flair.
The Sybyl Lilly Valentine Leather Dog CollarThe Sybyl Lilly Valentine Leather Dog CollarAlthough the heart is a fairly recent Celtic symbol (it has only been around since the later medieval period), it is still a valid representation of love, as is this 1 1/2 inch single layer collar.
The George Leather Dog CollarThe George Leather Dog CollarTalk about bang for your buck, this 1″ wide collar is laden with eye-catching stars and rows of flat spots.
The Uba Deluxe Leather Dog CollarThe Uba Deluxe Leather Dog CollarIf your guy is tough enough, then this 1.5″ wide double layer collar featuring 2 D rings and impressive skull and crossbones conchos might be the one. Do do you dare?
The Callie Leather Dog CollarThe Callie Leather Dog CollarThis 1″ wide collar combines round silver and brass studs to create a fun daisy pattern. Now available with rhinestones in the center of the flower.
The Pirate Leather Dog CollarsThe Pirate Leather Dog CollarsElegant Mesa Conchos and silver spots gives this 1” wide collar a southwestern flair.
The Cash Leather Deluxe Dog CollarThe Cash Leather Deluxe Dog CollarAs one of our best sellers, this design boasts bold Celtic decorations on a 1 1/2″ wide, double layer collar.
Studded Leather Dog CollarsStudded Leather Dog CollarsStudded Leather Dog Collars in black or burgundy.

Browse this selection of wide leather dog collars for beauty and durability combined.  Handcrafted leather dog collars now have their own section!  Truly beautiful, these studded leather dog collars will last a decade or more. 

Choose from Western leather dog collars, rolled, or plain latigo leather, all of which will stand the test of time!  For strong dogs, the deluxe version of Paco Collars is worth noting.  The tough dog collars by Paco, are studded versions and double leather versions, as well as wide leather dog collars for added strength.  These leather dog collars will call attention to your dog as they are strong and beautiful.   We also offer Studded leather dog collars by Paco Collars and Auburn Leathercrafters, that will get your dog noticed too. 

Show everyone just how much you love your dog, by giving him the best,  handmade leather dog collars made in the US!  Made to last decades, you will be making a quality purchase for wide leather dog collars, western dog collars or studded leather dog collars.

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