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Outdoor Dog Beds
We have two working Border Collies. These dogs have an on/off switch. On means they are working and totally focused on the job. Off means they are eating, occasionally playing, but mostly sleeping. They love their Coolaroo beds and sleep on them every season of the year. They are cool in summer and warm in winter. We have the medium size - just right and the colour green, which doesn't show dirt and in a year of use - no wear! Every once in a while we 'hosed' them down to make sure they stay clean. J.H., British Columbia, Canada

Dog Beds

Kuranda Standard Dog BedsKuranda Standard Dog BedsThe most popular chew proof dog beds from Kuranda. These rectangular dog beds have a co-extruded, furniture grade Poly Resin frame. These certainly can be considered outside dog beds, but work nicely indoors as well. The Ballistic Nylon and the bed frame are warranted for one year with a Chew-Proof Guarantee. Unique dog beds of outstanding quality. If you are looking for durable dog beds, Kuranda fits the bill.
Kuranda Aluminum  Dog BedsKuranda Aluminum Dog BedsKuranda chew proof dog beds are the best on the market. These metal dog beds are made of aluminum and are virtually chew-proof. Guaranteed Chew-proof for one full year! These unique dog beds boast super high resistance to chewing. They are outside dog beds, which allow the dog to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A wonderful long-lasting addition to a kennel.
Kuranda Double-sided Luxury Fleece PadKuranda Double-sided Luxury Fleece PadKuranda Double-sided Luxury Fleece Pad. Designed to fit on Kuranda elevated durable dog beds. A rectangular dog beds design.

Durable Dog Beds

In this category, you will find some truly durable dog beds along with outdoor dog beds and unique dog beds, by such famous names as Coolaroo and Kuranda. These outstanding outdoor dog beds are also quite suitable for inside use as well. They are unique dog beds made from superior fabrics which are all breathable.  They will last a long time, sometimes so long, that you will want a new one to go with the new colors in your house. Then you will have to donate these old durable dog beds to the local dog rescue, where they will be greatly appreciated.  These unique dog beds have an elevated design which allows for warmth in the winter and cool in the summer by maintaining their distance from the ground.

Coolaroo and Kuranda outdoor dog beds are elevated in design.  Kuranda offers a one year chew-proof guarantee and that is great for dogs who live in kennels.  Coolaroo offers a one year guarantee from sun damage.  We present an array of  outside dog beds for every need from chew-proof to elevated. 

Examine our durable dog beds from outdoor dog beds to unique dog beds.  There is a great durable dog bed here for your dog's comfort.

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