Embroidered Dog Shirts

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Embroidered Dog Shirts

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Embroidered Dog Shirts

Dog Shirts For People

Dog breed shirts will put you in the winner's circle of fun dog clothing.  These embroidered denim shirts are made with the highest workmanship.  You can be assured that they are embroidered in the USA.  When everyone sees your dog shirts for people, they will be begging for dog breed shirts too.  These embroidered denim shirts also make fine gifts.  

Click through our selection of fine handcrafted dog shirts for people and find the one for you.  Names and dates can even added for more detailing, if desired. Please specify in the box and we will add a pet's name, your name, an important trial win and date, grandkids' names, just what you need to make those dog shirts for people even more special.  Customize it!

Embroidered Denim Shirts

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