Extreme Dog Collars
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Flying Dog Collars-Batik CollectionFlying Dog Collars-Batik CollectionThis collection of strong dog collars are a beautiful addition to any dog collar collection.
Flying Dog Collars-Designer CollectionFlying Dog Collars-Designer CollectionMixed with beauty, these collars, with metal buckles, will last and last. Totally Extreme!
Flying Dog Collars-Rockin' CollectionFlying Dog Collars-Rockin' CollectionThis collection of heavy duty dog collars have been named from famous musicians and singers.
Flying Dog Collars-Solid CollectionFlying Dog Collars-Solid CollectionFor those of us who like color, but a little less print, the Flying Dog Heavy Duty Collars and matching leads, just went to the next level.
Tuff Stuff Leather Dog CollarsTuff Stuff Leather Dog Collars2" TUFF STUFF Leather dog collars are extremely rugged and feature an extended dee ring pattern for added strength.

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