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Herding Dog PinsHerding Dog PinsThese herding dog pins will be a treasured piece of art to wear on a lapel, shirt or lanyard.
Herding Etched GlassesHerding Etched GlassesCelebrate a successful run or lesson with these etched glasses, or give them as a gift to a fellow herder or dog sitter. These herding dog etched wine glasses, dog coffee mugs and etched cold drink glasses also make appreciated awards for trials.
Herding Lingo Tee ShirtHerding Lingo Tee Shirt
Herding Sheep Tote BagsHerding Sheep Tote BagsThese herding sheep nonwoven canvas bags are a nice way to carry those important articles with you to those trials.
Herding Themed SweatshirtsHerding Themed Sweatshirts
Here I Come Note Cards 12 packHere I Come Note Cards 12 packHere I Come Note Cards 12 pack in heavy card stock and complete with envelopes.
HEY!...That'll Do CapsHEY!...That'll Do Caps
Hey!...That'll Do Tee ShirtHey!...That'll Do Tee Shirt
Ho Ho Ho Sheep CardsHo Ho Ho Sheep CardsHo Ho Ho   Merry Christmas to Ewe
Hol-ee Mol-ee Extreme Dog ToysHol-ee Mol-ee Extreme Dog ToysA unique thick 100% natural rubber ball for dogs.
Horsehair Whistle LanyardsHorsehair Whistle LanyardsA beautiful three-strand braided lanyard is sturdy and carefully handcrafted of horsehair.
i Crate Metal Double Door Folding Midwest Dog Cratesi Crate Metal Double Door Folding Midwest Dog CratesThe iCrate Midwest double door dog crate sets up easily with the fold and carry configuration that requires no use of tools.
InstaclothInstaclothInsta Cloth compressed towls, converts to a towel with a little water.
Invincibles Snake Dog ToysInvincibles Snake Dog Toys
Iona Cross Celtic NecklaceIona Cross Celtic NecklaceThe cross is 1 and 1/2 inches and made of lead-free jewelers pewter. This is a traditional design handed down from antique examples of these crosses.
Jive Durable Dog ToysJive Durable Dog ToysJive Durable Dog Toys bounce, float, and is even guaranteed against Dog Damage!
Kennel or Crate Shade CanopyKennel or Crate Shade CanopyHelp prevent heat stress while at trials or shows, or where ever heat might be a problem for your dog. Kennel or Crate Shade Canopys help shade pets protecting them from the harmful effects of excessive heat from the sun.
Kong Classic Chew Dog ToysKong Classic Chew Dog ToysKong Classic Chew Toys are natural rubber bouncy toys which are great for stuffing with treats or fetch games.
Kong Extreme Chew ToysKong Extreme Chew ToysKong Extreme Chew Toys Designed for power chewers. This is the most extreme Kong made. Ultra-strong black rubber compound.
Kong Wubba Dog ToysKong Wubba Dog ToysKong Wubba make great toys for fetch games.
Kuranda Aluminum  Dog BedsKuranda Aluminum Dog BedsKuranda chew proof dog beds are the best on the market. These metal dog beds are made of aluminum and are virtually chew-proof. Guaranteed Chew-proof for one full year! These unique dog beds boast super high resistance to chewing. They are outside dog beds, which allow the dog to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A wonderful long-lasting addition to a kennel.
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