While we were at the National Finals, the coordinators were able to have our local veterinarian Dr. Angie Untisz, fellow herder, draw blood samples for genetic eye diseases.  And the test were cheaper this way, since Optigen gives discounts for groups.
Since I have been thinking that I would like a pup out of Tam, and I have already had her hips Penn Hip tested, I thought I would have the rest of her tests done, so when the time came, there was nothing holding us back.  I ordered three tests to be preformed on her blood draw.  Dr. Angie drew her blood AFTER Tam had her run.   
Optigen only takes a couple of weeks to get the results back.  They emailed me the results, then followed that by three different mailings with the results of the three different tests.  I am pretty sure that they also notify ABCA of the results, so it will be noted on her pup's papers.
She passed all three tests with flying colors.  Now to find the potential sire...I do have one in mind, but will need to know if he has had all of his tests too.

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