I forgot to mentioned what Shelley told me that I had to do after winning the trial.  She told me to attach the big blue ribbon onto Kate, and then needed to walk around the fair, showing her off.  We had to go look at pictures that the photographer took, so we packed up everything and took the girls to look at pictures.  

Inside the barn, where the photographer's booth was set up, was a little demonstration of sorts, with a few cages and pens.  Behind the photographer's booth was an armadillo in a pen.  Chris noticed it and could not take her mind off of it.  She wouldn't relax, or lay down, she just sat there, pulling on the leash so she could possibly get closer to that animal.

As we walked around the fair a bit, I decided to go through the sheep barn.  That was too funny!  The first thing we ran into was sheep seeing the dogs, and walking toward them baaing.  Usually when sheep see dogs, they go the other way!  There were sheep in every pen on both sides of us, and Chris got real nervous!

I was walking Kate and Chris, and really had to coax Chris to keep walking.  Kate could of cared less, in fact, I told her to "watch em" and bam! she was ready to take them on.  Oops!  I then called her off.  Poor Chris though had her tail plastered to her stomach the whole time that we were in the sheep barn.

Once we left the barn, we made a small loop of the fair, as it hurts Matt to walk with his bad hip.  Chris relaxed some, as I negotiated her through the crowds of people.  This was actually good for her, as she got exposed to this very large crowd.

It was fun walking the girls through the fair, maybe we will someday get another chance to do that again.

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