Yesterday I left the girls inside the house because I wanted to go to the Cattle Dog Trials at the Mid State Fair.  I usually go with a friend of mine, and we have a good time watching all of the cattlemen work their dogs in an alien arena.
So the girls were not able to get exercise in the morning.  When I got home, I caught up on business, then decided to throw the ball for them in the pasture.  I had to hurry though because I had to go into our big town soon afterward.  All four of us headed for the big town of San Luis Obispo, to a meeting that my husband and I were going to.
Today, Christian was worked on sheep briefly, during the late morning.  Some time after that, I noticed that she seemed to be off on her gait.  I checked, and then seemed fine.  An hour later, I rechecked her feet, and noticed a white patch on one of her pads.  I palpitated it, and it was tender.  She had gotten a blister. 

It was curious though, as she was not worked hard at all today, and had never had a sore pad before. 
Later this evening, I checked her feet again, and saw a tear on one of her back pads.  Boy, I saw her take a weird step on the rear, and that was why.  So one front foot has a blister, which she is now limping on and has been holding in the air, and a rear pad cut on another foot.
Do I have any Tuff-n-Up for her?  NO!  I am completely sold out.  The girls have not had sore feet for a quite while, so I never thought to grab a bottle for my girls.  The only good thing about her sore feet is, I haven't started trialing her yet.  I didn't have to worry about her healing in time for the next trial.  But, I should have had the Tuff-n-Up already in my arsenal for her.
We all are going to a trial in two days, but Kate is the only dog in that trial, and Chris will be on leash the entire time.  No stress for her feet.  She really enjoyed going to this trial last year, when she was a little puppy, and I am sure that she will have a fun time greeting the world at the Mid-State Fair Sheepdog Trial.
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