We went to the vets today to get Kate's foxtail out of her nose.  We saw our usual doctor and discussed Kate's symptoms.  The main symptom was not her sneezing, as she would do with a sticker in her nose, but what the doctor called "reverse sneezing".  This is a new term for me, as I had never heard it.  

She is more like snorting or trying to clear the back of her throat or sinus's.  Almost immediately upon our discussing the symptoms, the veterinarian did not think she had a sticker.  Instead, she thought Kate was having an allergy problem.  The vet suggested that she must have run right into a mouthful of pollen, and that what was bothering her.

I had already dragged Kate to the vets, so I asked if I could have her nose checked anyway.  She said yes, and "low and behold"  no stickers!  Just like the vet said.  I guess that is why they are the vets, and I am just the dog owner.

We discussed about when Kate should get her Valley Fever titer.  The veterinarian told me that any time now would be good to find out where Kate is with her fight.

So as soon as we can come up with the money, I will get Kate in for her Valley Fever titer, and we'll go from there.


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