We got some Wholesome Hide retriever rolls in for stock, and my husband had picked up some other rawhide rolls for the girls from Walmart.  The Wholesome Hide ones were just sitting on a table waiting for me to take them to the basement.  I decided to give the girls some rawhide in the morning to chew on.
I handed each of them a roll from the Walmart pack.  Then I handed Chris one of the Wholesome Hide ones also.  I wanted to see if indeed my dogs really like the Wholesome Hide retriever rolls better than the CHINA made and bleached rawhide.
Right after I handed them out, I let the girls out to go potty.  Kate came back inside first.  She sniffed each of the rawhides, then settled on the Wholesome Hide.  She chewed on it for a little while.  Then went and lied down.
Five minutes later, I let Tam and Christian back inside.  Chris ran to the original Wholesome Hide that I given to her, and right now is burying it in her toy box.
Tam just stared at me, like to say "where's mine", so I handed her one of the Wholesome hide rolls too.  So there were five rawhides laying on the carpet.  Oops, four, one was in the toy box.
I then asked Kate if she wanted one also.  I handed her another, and she preceded to tear off the label, which stuck to her foot.  I had left the labels on to tell which were which, but it was apparent as the USA made rolls were almost twice the size, and not bleached.
At least I got my answer about what my dogs prefer, and they like the Wholesome Hide retriever rolls better than Walmart's made in China, bleached rolls.  These rawhide rolls are healthier, more flavorful, and longer lasting.


  1. dog grooming costa mesa on October 31, 2012 at 11:01 AM said:
    Of course they did!!!! It is probably better for them too since they aren't chewing on bleach or all the chemicals that Walmart puts in theirs. Keep buying USA made and support our own economy. Thanks for the post.
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