YIKES!  Rattlesnakes!
At the end of the day, today, about 7:30pm, I received a call from my neighbor down the street.  "Hi, I am out front of your next door neighbor's house walking the dogs...There is a baby rattler in the road.  I don't have anything to kill it with, could you help?"
Boy, I jumped up, told her that I would be right there.  My dogs were outside, and surely didn't want them to run across the snake.  I grabbed the shovel that rests during snake season, right beside the garage door, and took off for my neighbor's part of the road.
I made the dogs stay up by the house and as I walked up to the snake, I heard something, turned, and there was Christian.  Darn it!  I yelled in a super gruff and stern voice, "Get back!!!"  and as I did I released a ton of energy directed toward her.  She kept a distance of about 20-30 feet away. 
I lopped off the snakes head, then proceeded to smash the head with a shovel.  Heads already taken off of a snake body have been known to bite, and most times, there is venom ready for release.
The head then got put into the dirt and covered so no more harm could happen with this snake. I then scooped up the one button rattlesnake body, still wiggling and walked home with Chris.
This little devil is now safe and sound inside a plastic bag in my freezer.
I have been wanting to put on a rattlesnake aversion class ( many of my friends have been asking me to put one on), and now I have the snake to do it with.  I would have surely settled for a live gopher or king snake, or even some one's pet python, as I was only after the smell, but God provides, and He provided the "real-thing".
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