I have been letting Christian do the sheep chores.  She either helps put them out during the day or put them up at night, or does it all by herself. 
Last night, I let her put up the ewes and lambs by herself.  One ewe, named Meanie (her name should say it all), turned on her, and walked toward her, as to challenge her.  Chris yeilded some to her look and her pressure, so I seized the opportunity to give Chris some confidence in her sheep work. 
Since Meanie was not in the most cooperative of moods, and has two lambs at her side also, she was the challenge of the day.  I came into the sheep fold with Chris to support her, and encouraged her to work the group of ewes and lambs.  I fired her up with noises, and had her moving them here and there, getting in their faces, but also making sure that she minds me at the same time, and not doing just what "feels" right.
As soon as I said "that'll do", she took off for the other pen of whethers.  She was ready to take them all on!
This morning I let her move the sheep on her own.  She did fine, a little pushy but I like to see that at this stage in her development.  No problem with Meanie this morning either.
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