Well, Tam was not fine the next day.  That night, I had fed her a bland diet of white rice(too much!) and chicken breast, but her stomach was still upset, and at 4am she had thrown up twice on the bed, and the bed had areas of diarrhea. 
I fed her a little white rice only that morning, with a little water.  I was concerned about dehydration, so her meals would now consist of added water, just in case.  She didn't gobble it down as usual, and even left a little bit, but ate most of the one cup that I gave her.
I gave her the same thing for lunch, and she gave the same result, not eating quite all of it up.
I deliberately fed the girls late that night, so Tam might be hungry.  I gave her a small amount of white rice and chicken breast with a little bit of chicken broth and water. 
She was able to keep it down in both directions that night.  FINALLY, on the road to mending.  She still had diarrhea, but had made the turn to being normal.
The following morning I gave her white rice with a little broth, and she GOBBELED it up!  Just seeing that, made me feel better.  I continued over the weekend to feed her a bland diet, with no morning cookies, to allow her stomach to mend.
She is now doing fine, and on normal food rations.  Tam the Inhaler is back!
When Chris was in heat, that must have brought Tam into heat early, because she has.  That is fine, as she only came into heat about a week and a half early.  Might as well get it over with!
I have never had two intact females before, and didn't know this could happen with dogs like it can with women. 
In herding, Chris has been blossoming this past month.  She has been excelling at a rate that I have found fascinating.  I have tried different exercises with her, to see what she can do or take and I have been pleasantly suprised.  For example, in her driving I have started not walking with her, and just standing still, and asking her to do what the other trained dogs to do.  I have been asking her to walk up straight, and to take inside flanks, lie down, at a distance, then continue on her drive.  I have also been continuing her "stretching out" of her out runs.  All of this, she has been able to handle.  She has also been doing chores.  I was happy to see that she could do some of them, that the other two really don't need to do, as they are getting ready for the National Finals.
The dog pool is now open again, and the girls love running to go and jump in the water, especially on a hot day.

The pool was being filled for the season.  It makes me cooler just watching them play in it!
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