Today, Christian is one year old.  We decided at the last minute, that after church today, we would take the girls to the beach.  Chris had never been, and living only about 45 minutes away, I think it was about time to take her.
When we got there, of course being a Sunday, everyone was there with their dogs.  The girls ignored all of the dogs and ran along the surf, chasing each other.  Chris acted as if she was born on the beach, and paid no attention to the waves.
Later I grabbed a stick, and it was instant focus for all three of them.  Kate focused totally on the stick, Tam focused on the Kate and the stick, going back and forth between the two.  Chris totally focused on Tam, not caring about the stick what-so-ever.

And with these Herding Line Border collies, they are always herding!

After about an hour on the beach, we headed for the local McDonalds.  It was time for Chris to have her birthday ice cream cone.  All three of the girls gobbled them down, and almost ate the paper holders, which I grabbed before that was eaten too!

It sure was fun on the beach and to watch the girls eat their cones.  What a nice retreat from always working.
Happy Birthday Christian!
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