We finally got a load of Safestix in for stock.  There has been a gap in their avaliability and now Kong is making and marketing them for Safestix, and I was anxious to see them in person.  They are a rubber-like toy, but in a "not seen shape" in the marketplace.  It is the shape of a long stick with knobby balls on each end. 

We carry the 19" version, and they are nice and bendy, and come in assorted translucent colors.  As a relatively new toy on the market, I needed to know how they would perform with my rambunctious Border collies, for their over-all durability and like-ability.

I broke down and gave the dogs a Safestix, and almost instantly they started playing with it.  My dog Kate that "kills" things by shaking them and smacking them on the ground, she loves "killing" it.

Tam is the patient tugger and chewer, loves the tug game, and lays down with it and just chews on the ball end, when not being entertained with tugging.

Christian, the 9 month old, loves chewing also, like most puppies, lays down with Tam and chews on the other end of the Safestix on the ball. She has now also gotten into the tugging thing with this stick.  She usually just plays with other toys while Kate and Tam tug with the same sturdy toy.  But with this dog toy she has gotten involved in the tugging game.  It's pretty fun watching all three dogs tugging with all of their might, on just one toy, and that toy holding up.

They have been trying the really durable dog toy now for about a week, and there is NOT A DENT in it what-so-ever.  This is truly an extreme dog toy!

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