Today we went into Home Depot.  Christian and I alone, with out the other two girls.  I did this before with her about 2 weeks ago also, to help build her confidence.

She is very well socialized, but any different situation that she can experience, and live through it, can only help her to deal with other things in the future.

Years ago, when I lived in Idaho, I got a young pup.  I took her to obedience class (she was the best in the class) and worked hard on getting her socialized well. Once she became an adult I didn't worry about socializing her any longer.  Little did I know then, but dogs need continuous socializing throughout their lives.  They don't need as frequent socializing as when they are young, but occasional social encounters helps keep them from getting all weird about unexpected disturbances, noises, or movements, all of which herding dogs are sensitive to.

Fortunately taking our dogs to trials can help with that unless they are strictly crated and only let out to run in the trial and then immediately put away.  You are there, why not hold on to your dog on leash for a while, and let them socialize a bit?  I take advantage of as many situations as possible.  Besides, they like hanging with me.

Home Depot has tons of noise, with heavy moving lumber carts, lots of smells and many people to try to ignore.  Chris loves people, so ignoring everyone is her hardest feat.  She did quite well with all of the noises, not letting them bother her at all.  She is improving on ignoring people, though she still has to be reminded, as she veers right toward them when they get close.

Her herding lessons are going well.  I got a few suggestions from Shelley, to help her and I in her training. 

Chris had been working the sheep really calm and slowly.  Tight like many young dogs but the slow thing had me a bit flustered.  Shelley told me to fire her up and get more energy into her working. 

After about a week of firing her up, she is working very nicely and with much more energy.

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