Now that Christian is more active, she has been loosing weight, loosing to the point of being underwieght.  So I have increased her dinner portion.  I had stopped feeding her breakfast for several months now, but with all of that activity, I think I will start her up with breakfast again. 

This morning, I noticed her limping.  YIKES!!   I immediately checked her front feet for stickers or abrasions, which I didn't find anything wrong.  After I was done checking her, I let her go, and NO limp.  I kept checking her through out the day, and the final result was NO limp.  I am guessing that when she was limping, it was in a rocky area of the drive, and she had picked up a stone.  When I picked up her feet, it must have dropped out!

Later in the afternoon, a friend of mine dropped by with his Border.  The whole pack played together for a while, and then we went to the pasture to throw the ball with the chuck-it.  That type of exersize is fairly intensive.  All of the dogs ran to the little dog pool when we were finished to cool off quickly.  Chris never showed any limping after that morning scare.  Phew!  I wonder when I will get over it myself.  Rocks!


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