Well, I finally gave in to all of the pressure and worked Christian on sheep.  I had been dying to do sheepdog herding with her again.  We took it easy, as she doesn't run around like a crazy girl, like some pups do when working sheep.  Just a few minutes, nice and easy, to give her some satisfaction, along with me.  She did fine, and seems to have good balance, stopping on a dime when she brought them right to me. 

I let her play at Dog Day with the puppies for about 5 minutes.  She had a great time socializing with the young Aussies.  We had a small group this week, so there were only a couple of puppies this time for her to play with, and was probably better for her anyway.  Later, I let Kate and Tam go so they could play also.  Boy!  All they want to do is herd each other, those Border collie freaks!

Very soon, she will be completely free!

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