We have been allowing Christian more and more freedom.  She now is coming with us to go and feed the livestock, instead of being left behind in the house.  Her attitude remains real good, and I bet she can't wait to get those eyes back on the sheep.

I do tie her up with the others, when we do work sheep or give lessons.  She gets to watch the others, and especially the sheep for a time.  Occasionally, I let her out to play with Annie and Silas, our two visiting Canadian Border collies.  She really likes them, as most dogs that she knows, and she gets in their face.  It's a good thing that she is a puppy, because that behavior would get her bit if she was an adult.

This week we went to Dog Day.  At first, I put Chris in a crate, and in the same yard as all of the other dogs.  She had been whining a bit, and I had been correcting her for it.  However, I don't like to nag at my dogs, and soon got tired of being unsuccessful at keeping her quiet, so I took her out, and kept her in hand, or tied to the fence right behind me.  She was able to socialize a bit with all of the puppies, but only for a minute or so.  I would promptly grab her when things got too rough. I kind of felt like I had a brand new puppy, and had to take very careful care of her, so no injuries can occur.

We did herding that day and Christian was able to watch and remained quiet during all of the herding.

I was talking with one of my friends about the upcoming fun trial, that we are having here next month.  He asked me if I was going to put Chris in the trial.  I looked confused at him, then said " What?"  Chris has not been working sheep for at least three months, and only been on them about half a dozen times.  Is that fair to both of us?  I started thinking about it.  She doesn't have an outrun, she doesn't know her flanks, how could I possibly pen with her?

I will evaluate her when she can work again.  Man, the pressure!  So as it stands right now, no.  I don't want to mess her up with that kind of added and non-important pressure.  She is a puppy, eight months old today.

A week and a half left!

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