Christian's rehabilitation is going along at an excellent rate.  I have not seen her in the least, limp since the first week after her surgery.

 We have been going on daily leashed walks, with the other two Border collies coming along also.  This pack walk, allows the pack to keep itself as a pack, as they are migrating together, as a unit.

This reminder that the girls are in the same pack, helps them to keep their hierarchy in check.  I am the pack leader, and the girls follow.  The walks reinforce that leadership.

I feel that the walks, since they help with keeping the girls within the same pack, also helps to keep potential fights down to a minimum. 

My dogs don't fight with each other.  If they did, I would surely put an end to it.  I have seen behaviors in the past, that if left unchecked, might have surely turned into a fight.

One time period, Chris was eating next to the other dogs.  She started with a small low-pitched growl.  I addressed it right away.  And over the next several weeks, I kept readdressing the growl, until she got the message and quit.

If I would have ignored that growl, or thought it was cute seeing a puppy guard her food, and let her continue, that behavior would have grown to a potential hazardous event for all concerned.

There would have surely been fight and potential injury eventually to one or more of the dogs.  I have seen dogs eat right next to each other, when they don't know how to tolerate each other, like mine do, and it is scary to see. 

One time when I was at a trial, a friend of mine was feeding her two dogs side by side in their wire crates.  I was walking by and it sounded like all hell was breaking loose.  I watched one of the dogs, freaking out!  It was trying to eat its own food, but the other dog in the other crate was right next to him, and he couldn't.  He would take a bite, then turn toward the other dog and bark and try to attack it because it was close.  It didn't matter to that dog that the one next to him was in another crate and couldn't possibly get to its food!

I want peace in my life, and that includes the dogs.  They better get along, OR ELSE!  They will meet my wrath.

I feel, that because of what I don't allow with my dogs, that has allowed me to have that peace.  They can eat next to each other without any problems, treats are not an issue, sure if only one dog has a rawhide, the other will want it, and if left, she will go and get it.  Toys are also not an issue, except like the rawhide, if left, another will go and get the desired toy.  But there is no aggression or hostility between the dogs and that is where I intend on keeping it.

So today, the girls and I took a walk together.  Chris has two weeks left of rehab and both of us can't wait.  Later in the afternoon we got invited to take a second walk.  I thought that would be good for Christian to help her build some endurance.  And she loved it!

Now she is napping on the couch.  Two weeks left.  Yeah!!!

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