Christmas with the new puppy went very well.  She really enjoyed learning how to open her presents, and really loved making confetti out of the wrappings.  

Christian got several new toys from us and Santa.  And she seemed to really like getting new toys.  She really loves her Hard Boiled Softie Sheep, so Santa brought her a new one.  She really was not suppose to run around, as she is still rehabbing, but it was Christmas, so she was allowed a bit.  So she grabbed her new Softie and ran around the living room playing with the Softie.

Tam and Kate also received a few new toys.  One of the most desirable toys was a Tuffy Mega Ring.  The two girls just love to tug together, so I thought a Mega Ring just might be a good choice for them.  Boy, was I right.  They loved it!  They play with it every day, tugging with all their might.

One other present they got as a group, was a large bag of Yummy Chummies soft salmon treats.  Those are sure tasty to them and they really relish getting them.

Sammy Sheep- Hard Boiled SoftieTuffy Mega RingYummy Chummies Salmon Treats


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