Today, I took the girls for another 1/2 mile walk.  I wanted to see how Chris was doing, since she had started limping again yesterday.  I glanced down at her trotting beside me and was grateful to God that she even had a leg for me to be concerned about.

As I continued the walk, I starting reflecting about what I am truly grateful to God for.  I am grateful for being born with all of my senses and continue to have all of my them.  I am grateful that I have not lost any limbs or digits in this brief life of mine.  I am grateful for having a great supportive husband, who loves our dogs as I do.  God has put me in a wonderful place to live.  And though he has not blessed us with children, we have three wonderful dogs in which to share our lives with.  I am grateful to have family members and good friends to share our dogs with.  And I am thankful that my herding trainer, Shelley Parker, who has given tons of herself, to me, teaching me how to train herding dogs, read sheep, trial competitively in sheepdog herding, and that she is a great friend.  And about Christian, I am grateful to God for bringing her back to us when she was lost.

Yesterday, we went to dog day to play.  Concerned about Chris' soundness, she was mainly kept tied or held on leash.  She was doing fine with the visit until I started to concentrate with Tam on agility.  Chris was jumping up and barking and barking, which drives me crazy.  Matt, my husband, who came along to dog day with us, was correcting her as she was jumping and barking.  However, he was not matching the intensity of her energy level, when she was jumping.  Therefore, she kept doing it while on leash.  All of that activity caused her to start limping again. 

I was rather upset with the whole deal, and promptly removed her to the pick-up truck.  Apparently, only one week of crate rest was not enough (I kind of thought she needed more, and had planned more for her).

She remained limpy throughout the evening, but appeared fine this morning.  That is why I took her out on the walk.  I wanted to see how she would do.  She did well until about a 1/2 hour after the walk when she started limping again.  Just wonderful!

December 1st is the date for her vet appointment, so one more week and we should know for sure what is going on with her.  In the meantime, she will remain on very limited exercise, and lots of rest.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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