Christian now has all of her adult teeth in.  For a while, she had double upper canines, but like Tam, the baby canines finally came out. But even though she is done teething, I caught her chewing on something that she was not allowed to chew on.  We were in the pick up together, and I keep a water hole dog bowl in the truck.  The water in the bowl was gone, and as Chris was jumping from the front seat to the back, she would overturn the bowl.  While I was in the store, she was in the back seat with the other two girls, and started chewing on the bottom of the plastic bowl.

When I got back in the truck, I glanced back at the dogs, and saw the bowl.  I grabbed the bowl, showed it to her, and told her "no" and that she was so bad!  In a low disgusted voice.  She is fairly sensitive, so it didn't take that much to get my point across.  She turned her head away, with a hunched over type of body language.

Last weekend we went to a sheepdog herding trial.  What an adventure it was this time. There were three dogs, and two humans shoved in the cab of a small pick up.  Chris was held for a while, but my husband wanted to work on the computer for a while, so we convinced her to lay down behind the seat on the floor.  I had put a nice cushion down for her, so she would be tempted to stay down on the floor.  Fortunately, she seemed ok with the arrangement, and spent much of the time down there. 

We had car trouble during the trip, as the dash lights went completely out after we got to the trial.  So our trip home, consisted of using the flash light to see how fast I was driving, how much gas I had, and to see all of the rest of the instruments that needed monitoring.  At the same time, the pick up starts back firing some.  Lots of praying, got us home safely.  And the truck is now being seen by its doctor.

At the trial, Chris was well behaved.  She was leashed at all times when she was close to the trial, but was able to run around and have fun in the field where we parked the cars.  She watched many of the runs, and when it was my turn, she watched intently.  That's right Chris - someday, it will be your turn!

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