New teeth are coming in right and left.  During one week, Christian lost both of her lower canines and she looked quite funny.  We started calling her Gumby for a nick-name. She also has a new lower permanent lower molar.  This new molar should let her cut the Wholesome Hide dog chews that I give her.  Before, with her baby teeth, she couldn't "cut" pieces of the rawhide off, rather she would chew and chew the Wholesome Hide until is was really soft and then she would shake it.  But the shaking wouldn't work to break off a smaller piece, so eventually she would either swallow the whole piece, or I would cut it with scissors, for her to swallow easier.

I like to collect my puppie's teeth when they loose them, however, I have not been able to get hers. Either she has swallowed them as they are lost, or they would fall out when playing with the big girls outside.  I was able to get one tooth, an incisor, when it was sideways in her mouth, otherwise no puppy teeth have been retrieved.  Darn!

We got a good rainstorm last week, and the girls, the sheep and I had many demonstrations scheduled before excited 4th graders in the County, at the local fairgrounds, just after the rainstorm. We worked in a rain soaked cattle arena, running the sheep through and around cones for the kids.  The kids and the dogs loved it, me, not so much. The dogs were filthy!  They stunk of urine, and their whole undersides were totally dirty that no squirt with the hose would suffice.  

Immediately upon coming home, we unloaded the sheep and put them away.  Then it was off to the bath.  I was filthy also, but the girls needed baths first.  Fortunately for Christmas last year, my husband got me a Booster Bath to wash the dogs in.  And today, I was especially grateful for not having to struggle with a human bathtub that sits on the floor, as I was tired.  This dog bathtub sits on legs to increase it's height and reduce back strain.

So all three of the girls got much needed baths, and then I did.  I hate smelling like urine.


Dog Bath

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