We just finished with hosting a fun trial here.  The event went pretty well and everyone seemed to have a good time.  All of the dogs also seemed to enjoy the venue.  I worked like crazy, not having much help.  Though I was grateful for the help that I did receive.  Monday was the day of rest as I was pooped.  Since Kate has Valley Fever, I only used her a tiny bit, just enough to let her do a few easy things.  Tam was with me both days, working in the pens and setting out sheep for the handlers.

Christian learned to sit in front of people before being pet, as compared to jumping up on them, to get their attention.  There were lots of people and dogs for a young pup to see in addition to a new best friend puppy.  A friend of mine's dog had had puppies, and a couple of the puppies were here.  Chris thought she was in heaven with puppies and dogs to play with, sheep to watch, and a clean pool to cool off in.  What more could a young dog want?

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