My Kate dog is kind of sick.  I had her into the vet several weeks ago because she had been coughing.  I thought she had Kennel cough again.  She is susceptible to it, so I gave her antibiotics that I had to prevent pneumonia and let it run its course.  She even had a cough pill every day that we had left over.

She never got better, so I brought her to the vets to see what they thought.  They diagnosed possible bronchitis.  Gave me a different antibiotic to give her.  And if that didn't work, then we would change antibiotics after the first (second) course of 10 days.  Now she is on the second course for five days now, and not much better.

Last week, I brought her in to get a Valley Fever titer done on her.  We got the results back two days ago.  She has a low titer count, but something was there.  The vet wanted her brought in for a chest x-ray.

The X-ray revealed that something was there, but the vet wanted to be positive.  The x-ray is being sent to a radiologist for confirmation.

If she has Valley Fever, she has a mild case and the best chance of recovery.  Valley Fever is a fungus and present in the soil in Southern Ca, and Arizona.  We live in the middle of it.  

Another symptom that she is having is low energy.  Today, I mentioned this to my vet.  And after looking it up on the Internet, on the University of AZ, website, those two symptoms are classic.  She is eating well, but when working sheep, she mostly walks. This is not very normal for speed demon Kate.

I also had mentioned her not working right to Matt at the Creston Rodeo, where it seemed that Tam was doing a lot more work that Kate was.  Matt thought maybe the antibiotics were making her not feel well, but now I know that it is the illness.

I will know in two days what the radiologist says about the x-ray, and if we can start her on the anti-fungal medicine.

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