We are helping out with the Creston Classic Rodeo on Sunday September 11.  Not the greatest of days for celebrating, do to the anniversary of terrorist attacks on US soil.  Never the less, we are still free in this great country of ours.  We are free to go to Cowboy Church, out at the rodeo grounds on Sunday morning.  We are free to go to the rodeo if we want to.  And we are free NOT to go to rodeo if we don't want to.

The girls and I are helping out with their mutton-busting event.  This is where they put little kids on top of sheep and they have to hold on for dear life as long as they can.  It is really great competition to watch, and easy to help with.  There is no training, no straight lines, no panels to make, just the dog's instinct working.  The girls and I just have to keep the used sheep quiet and in the very back of the arena.  

Last year was our first year helping out the rodeo with the mutton-busting event.  It went very well, and we were asked back again this year.  The girls working the sheep seemed to be a real draw for the crowd.  I heard many positive comments about them helping.

This year, Christian is coming also and as the rodeo greeter.  I mentioned to the person in charge of the rodeo, that she would be coming as the greeter, and it was well received.  She loves people, so she should have a good time also and lots of children to pet her.


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