Wednesday is usually dog day for the girls and I.  We usually meet a small group of dogs and their owners for agility play, herding and swimming.  Good socialization is one of the outcomes of these meetings.

This week we ended up having a bunch of puppies over for puppy socialization.  There were 4, 10 week old Aussies, a 12 week old Golden, a 17 week old Golden, which towered over all of the puppies, and Christian, a now 14 week Border collie.  

When they got to play together, Chris kept leaving the puppies and going to an adult Aussie that she already knew.  I would go and get her and bring her back to the group of puppies, and she went back to her friend.  She was fine with all of the people, but somewhat a little unsure of the forward puppies in the group.  Her tail was way tucked and she would just leave and go to her friend.  

Eventually two 17 month Aussies joined the group, with careful observation.  Kate and Tam were unleashed along with Miaya, Chris' Aussie friend.  Well, that is what Chris wanted.  She went out in the field with the big dogs, chasing them as they played together.  Of course I had to watch carefully to make sure the play did not turn into a wrestling match, which is not physically good for a small pup.

She eventually warmed up some to the new puppies.  Hopefully they will be back next Wednesday as this is essential for all of the pups in their young lives.

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