We had some running around to do after church today and finally got back home with the girls around noon.  Both of us were hungry, so we had lunch and let the dogs out front to play.  Both of us started working on our websites being lazy and not really wanting to do other stuff around the house.  

After several hours, I went up to check on the girls.  It was a beautiful 84 degrees outside so I decided that I better exercise the dogs some, or I would be in for it this evening with elevated energy levels.  I went out to the sheep pasture and threw the ball with the chuck-it for the dogs until they were hot and needed a cool down.  I noticed that Chris was not at all interested in chasing the ball, but was herding the older two and after they would pass her up, she would chase them.  Lots of her herding instinct is starting to be expressed.

Chuck-it is a ball thrower tool that allows the ball to be thrown farther than the normal human arm.  I can't throw anything worth a darn, but the chuck-it, lets the dogs get a good cardio workout and helps expand their lung capacity.

When I let the sheep out in the back pasture in the morning, she is on leash and trying very hard to get at them.  It will be interesting to see how keen she is toward the sheep.  Yesterday when we were letting them out, the gate shut, I unleashed Chris, and she took off down the pasture fence trying to get to them as they went out to the back pasture.  Fortunately, she listens pretty well and came when called and I didn't have to go and fetch her.

After their ball chasing, I let them all have a swim in their dog pool.  This pool is a large livestock tank, about 3.5 feet deep and 10 feet in diameter.  Right now it is filled 2/3s full, as I am working on Chris getting comfortable in it.  This swimming session was the first time that she was confident enough to keep playing in the water without going back to the steps constantly.  She was warm when she went in, and I think that worked to the advantage of her playing in the cool water much longer.  She started retrieving floating toys and mostly bringing them back to me.  All three girls had a great time playing in the water today.

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