Apparently I was mislead.  I have been recently notified by Decker's previous owner that they never wanted to put him down.  They knew that they did not have the skills needed to help him, so they desperately sought other resources.  They wanted to do right by the dog, but were also very concerned about their liability of keeping him, due to his previous biting, but nonetheless, they were trying to be responsible.  Fortunately they were able to place him with me, and I was able to rehabilitate his mind.  

Now after working intensively with Decker and his issues, I feel confident that when approached by another dog owner, who's dog has behavior problems, that I can correctly coach them to make successful corrections and teach them specific ways of handling their dog, that they too will be able to rehabilitate their own dog.

To change the subject a bit, last night I received an email from the breeder of my new puppy.  She sent pictures.  So I will include two pictures of Christian Summers-Reinhart...AKA Chris.  It looks from the pictures that she will be a tricolor.  And the man, who picked her out for me, picked the blackest face and the shortest coat in the bunch.  I can't wait to smell her puppy breath!




  1. Junior on January 21, 2013 at 11:07 AM said:
    Easy!I first taugt my dog to 1. sit2. lay down3. then I would say Bang!!!! then I would roll my dog to the side he is leaning and then give him a treat.lots of tetars and consistency!!!!lot of praise also.
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